Our expertise of more than 20 years on the market of printing consumables by our branch offices in Bucharest and Cluj recommends us as a reliable partner for maintaining and developing your business.

In order to ensure the quality of printing and an appropriate and long-term operation according to the parameters recommended by the manufacturer for current or future equipment, Heidelberg Romania provides quality consumables, tested and approved by Heidelberg manufacturer.
Consumables and the renowned brand Saphira (of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG) are completely adapted to the current production processes.

We do our best to provide as many environmentally-friendly and state-of-the-art products as possible. All products are accompanied by technical data sheets.

Cooperation with our customers is generally based on a contract and forecast, in order to obtain inventory continuity. Orders not included in the forecast can be delivered based on a pre-order.

Consumables provided by Heidelberg Romania are designed for all phases in the printing process (prepress, printing, and finishing) as well as for the various printing methods: sheetfed, coldset, heatset and flexo.

Our specialists can provide their assistance to implement consumables in your production process.


  • ➠ Conventional plates, UV-sensitive, thermal with 1 or 2 layers, processless, chemfree, violet, violet lowchem. The most popular types are available in standard size formats; atypical formats can be available with pre-order.
  • ➠ Developing solutions, working gloves, printing sponges


  • ➠ Conventional and UV inks
  • ➠ Conventional, acrylic and UV varnishes (acrylic varnish is certified for use in the food industry)
  • ➠ Rubber blankets with and without rails, standard format
  • ➠ Calibrated underpacking paper for printing rubber blankets
  • ➠ Dampening solutions - The range of products contains both solutions for conventional sheet printing and sheet printing with low consumption rates of isopropyl alcohol. Solutions are compatible both with conventional ink and with UV/hybrid ink. All products are certified for use in the food industry (ISEGA).
  • ➠ Cleaning solutions - The product range includes both conventional cleaning solutions for various types of rubber, with flammability point of over 60°C, but also for UV or hybrid printing. All products are certified for use in the food industry.
  • ➠ Washup cloth for automated cylinder washing systems (in rollers 54 or 76.5 cm wide).
  • ➠ Products for the dampening system:
    • ✦ Isopropyl alcohol (min. 99.9%)
    • IPAtech— a revolutionary low consumption replacement of isopropyl alcohol (-60%), optimised for the use in combination with classic dampening solutions (dosage: 4-5%)
    • ✦ products for the water in the system
    • ✦ products for the cleaning of the system (System Cleaner) and of the dampening rollers
  • ➠ Auxiliary - The range of products is divided into:
    • ✦ products for coating (cleaning the anilox or the coating unit);
    • ✦ products for ink (anti-skinning);
    • ✦ products for periodical maintenance (decalcification, rubber cleaning, cleaning of dry ink, working gloves, printing sponges, ...);
    • ✦ special products such as rollers protection oil, antistatic;
    • ✦ cleaning solutions for offset plates - the range of products includes products adapted both to any type of ink and to any type of plate.
  • ➠ Other auxiliaries: anti-set-off powder, cleaning cloth


  • ➠ Foiling roll, glossy and matte (certified for use in the food industry)
  • ➠ Cutting knives and sticks for the POLAR equipment

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