6 - Telephone Technical Assistance - 0727277288

Telephone Technical Assistance is a service that operates with a dedicated number since 2005.
The hour interval when our customers can benefit from telephone assistance for the settlement of operating issues or, in some circumstances, technical issues: Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.;
In order to improve communication and services provided to our customers, and also to the high number of calls for technical assistance, starting with 1 July 2017 this service is performed according to a new formula:

  • - the call is chargeable and could be recorded;
  • - the charge value is specified in the welcoming message of the call;
  • - the caller must express its agreement to the charge applied to a call session;
  • - Telephone Technical Assistance service is supported by the entire team of the Service Department;

A call session means a 60-minute period from the first call, even if during this period multiple calls are made with regard to the indicated issue. A session is considered open and the call becomes chargeable following the first 2 minutes of the original call. If discussions must be continued following the 60-minute period, a new chargeable session shall be opened automatically. These sessions are logged with the advanced reporting module made available by the telephone operator.

Payment of Telephone Technical Assistance sessions can be made in advance by the procurement of a 5 or 10-session package. The 5-session package includes a 10% discount, and the 10-session package includes a 20% discount.

This service is free for the equipment in guarantee or under the following types of active contracts:

  • - IV & V Maintenance contracts
  • - "PARTNER" service contracts

7 - REMOTE Diagnosis

REMOTE Diagnosis is a service that works via the internet and is used in case of equipment dysfunctions / malfunctions. Remote Diagnosis analyses the logs and menus of the equipment (CtP or Speedmaster printing machine) for remote diagnosis with the participation of the operator and/or technician at the equipment on that moment and potential initiation of the repair process.

A Remote Diagnosis session means a 60 minutes period from the first connection of our technician to your printing machine. If after 60 minutes it is necessary to continue the diagnosis, a new session will automatically open. Sessions are logged with the help of the advanced reporting module from Remote Service infrastructure.

The fee for a Remote Diagnosis session at a CtP is 80 Euro per 60 minutes session. The fee for a Remote Diagnosis session for a printing machine is 70 Euro per 60 minutes session.

Payment for Remote Diagnosis sessions can be made in advance by purchasing a package of 5 or 10 sessions. The 5-session package has a 10% discount, and the 10 session package has a 20% discount.

This service is free for equipment in warranty.

This service is possible for the printing machines that have the web-based Remote Service available. This function must be configured and activated to become operational.

The printing machines that are part of this category are mainly Speedmaster printing machines manufactured since 2008 and Suprasetter CtPs.

Starting with year 2023, with the transition to the new infrastructure IoT "Internet of Things", this service will be available once a new software version (upgrade) will be installed.

New software versions are provided free of charge, but their installation will be invoiced according to work reports.

For further information, please contact us using the "Request for Service" form on the "REQUESTS" page or at the e-mail address: