1 - Maintenance contracts (IV & V) – no new contracts will be established since 10/12/2023 until 30/04/2024

These contracts are provided to our customers, owners of Heidelberg offset printing machines.

For this type of equipment, the manufacturer established 5 maintenance periods. Period I (daily), II (weekly), and III (monthly) are on the responsibility of operators, but maintenance periods IV (6 months) and V (annually) involve the operator’s cooperation with our technicians, as it involves service-specific operations of maintenance. In case the equipment is used in intensive operation, the frequency of maintenance periods IV and V is established depending on the equipment revolution counter, according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

The strict performance of maintenance operations provides the optimal technical condition of the equipment and therefore a steady and high-quality production.

Maintenance contracts IV & V are executed for a period of one year and payment is made on a monthly basis. Besides the preferential workmanship rates, these contracts also benefit from an important discount on parts and consumables necessary upon the accomplishment of these maintenance operations.

Another important advantage for customers with active maintenance contracts is the free access to Telephone Technical Assistance with regard to equipment in the contract.

2 - CtP Maintenance Contracts

These contracts are created for our customers with Heidelberg Computer to Plate equipment (Suprasetter, Topsetter, and Prosetter).

In order to maintain the quality of exposure and processing of printing plates, it is important to maintain the equipment in optimal technical condition. This can be achieved if the equipment benefits from periodical maintenance.

For this equipment, the manufacturer established maintenance periods according to the operation conditions. The more the equipment is used in intensive conditions, the more often maintenance periods will be, as they are displayed on the CtP interface with clear messages for the operator.

CtP maintenance contracts benefit from preferential rates and free access to Telephone Technical Assistance for equipment under contract.

3 - Backup for settings and user data

These contracts are designed for our customers, owners of equipment manufactured basically after 2000, which can perform backup copies for parameters and settings, together with user data (e.g., jobs saved in the equipment memory) on external memory media. These backup copies can be interpreted as systematic maintenance of essential equipment data.

The major advantage of these backup copies is the much faster restoration of operating conditions of the equipment in case such data in the internal memory of the equipment are lost or damaged due to a malfunction.

The recommended frequency of these backup copies is once every quarter, but also whenever these data are changed (e.g., new calibrations due to the change of used consumables).

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