8 - ROLLERS + (replacement and adjustment)

In order to maintain the quality and consistency of printing by a continuous provision of the strictest water-ink balance, it is recommended to replace the ink and dampening rollers that become worn.

Heidelberg Romania provides original rubber rollers, both ink rollers and dampening rollers. For Heidelberg equipment, we deliver rollers of the SAPHIRA Heidelberg brand, and for equipment from other manufacturers rollers are of the renowned Westland brand.

The advantage we provide is the discount offered by the manufacturer in case worn rollers are collected and returned. These worn rollers must be returned in 4 weeks, from the receipt of new rollers.

The result will be that you get high quality rollers for a very good price. All rollers are fully equipped with accessories. In case of orders for rollers for more than 4 units, we can provide an additional discount.

In case you do not return the worn rollers in 4 weeks, the manufacturer's discount is not available.

For orders of new rollers in exchange for worn rollers, please contact: Mr. Imre Laszlo; / Phone:+40743085166

Upon the request of our customer, we can provide the assembly and adjustment of rollers by our technicians - preferential rates apply.

Starting with this year, our range of consumables includes cleaning / maintenance products for rubber rollers (calcium removal solutions, degreasing, roller refurbishment, idle operation solutions, cleaning/regeneration paste of rubber rollers).

9 - OPTIMISATION of characteristic curves

The great advantage of the optimisation of characteristic inking curves is represented by the significant decrease of time for launching into production with sellable sheets. Another important advantage is the decrease of scrap paper.

The optimisation of characteristic curves means the adaptation of the job on the machine by adjusting the characteristic curves, namely the correct transformation of CIP 3/4 inking profiles (opening of ink areas), depending on coverage, and the printing standard.

In many Heidelberg machines, this optimisation can be performed in a simple, automated, and continuous manner by the printer operators, with the "Color Assistant” or "Color Assistant Pro” extra-option.

For Heidelberg machines without this option or licence, our service team can help. These operations are only available for equipment that takes the job inking profiles from Prepress Interface or from Prinect Pressroom Manager.

10 - Technical inspection

Periodical technical inspection together with preventive and systematic maintenance are essential to maintain safety and reliability of equipment, contributing to the elimination of workplace hazards and prevention of sudden and unexpected malfunctions. Appropriate management of these maintenance activities is a characteristic of efficient organisations that implemented quality assurance procedures.

The purpose to perform periodical technical inspections is to detect, analyse and indicate potential problems before they generate the breakdown of the machinery, thus decreasing the malfunction probability and, therefore, decreasing the time when the equipment is damaged and cannot operate. Another advantage of periodical technical inspections is that interventions for the remedy of indicated malfunctions can be scheduled prior to the malfunction of the machine.

On medium and long term, the costs of systematic maintenance and periodical technical inspections are lower than the cost of unscheduled shut-down generated by malfunctions determined by the lack of maintenance activities.

Heidelberg Romania provides periodical technical inspection for the printing and finishing machines for preferential rates.

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