4 - "Partner" service contracts – no new contracts will be established since 10/12/2023 until 30/04/2024

These contracts are designed for customers that want a preferential relationship with Heidelberg Romania in terms of service activity.
Advantages of "Partner" service contracts:
  • - preferential rates
  • - priority when scheduling service interventions
  • - predictability of expenses incurred for equipment repairs / service budget
  • - free access to Telephone technical support for equipment under contract.

"Partner" service contract is executed for a period of one year and payment is made on a monthly basis. The total value of the contract is established depending on the number of machines and also on their age & technical condition. Besides repairs, the contract value can cover other service activities such as: training of operators, scheduled inspections and refurbishments, Remote Diagnosis sessions, calibrations, optimisation of characteristic curves.

5 - Service CARD - Heidelberg

Heidelberg Romania offers a new payment method for service interventions. Service CARD - Heidelberg 1000

The prepaid Heidelberg Service Card provides you with value bonus and priority when scheduling service interventions.

Heidelberg 1K Service Card

Purchase the 1,000€ service card and benefit from a 10% bonus, meaning you shall benefit from service interventions worth of 1,100€ VAT included.

Heidelberg 2K Service Card

Purchase the 2.000€ service card and benefit from a 15% bonus, meaning you shall benefit from service interventions worth of 2,300€ VAT included.

  • Rules for the use of the Heidelberg Service Card:
  • ✦ For each Heidelberg Service Card, a contract is executed with Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Romania, and the logging of service interventions shall be performed according to Annex 3 of the service contract;
  • ✦ Heidelberg Service Card can be used for the payment of service interventions, including the overtime, travel time for technicians, hours of Telephone Technical Assistance, Remote Diagnosis sessions, hotel accommodation;
  • ✦ Heidelberg Service Card cannot be used for the payment of spare parts or consumables;
  • ✦ Heidelberg Service Card can only be used for service activities performed by the technicians of the Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Romania service team (cannot be used for interventions performed by Heidelberg technicians from other countries);
  • ✦ Heidelberg Service Card becomes active 5 days following the date when the money arrives in the supplier's account and expires on the date when its value is completely covered by service interventions;
  • ✦ Heidelberg Service Card cannot be transferred or sold to another customer;
  • ✦ After payment, Heidelberg Service Card cannot be returned to Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Romania SRL;
  • ✦ Current service rates on the card payment date shall apply.

For further information, please contact us using the "Request for Service" form on the "REQUESTS" page or at the e-mail address: