Classification of service activities according to their specifics:

  • "SAFETY" preventive and systematic maintenance contracts.
  • This contracts provide long-term safe operation with a low rate of malfunctions, by maintaining an optimal technical condition of the equipment
  • Advantage: preferential fees both for workmanship and for parts & consumables required for maintenance
  • "FIX.ING" service contracts mainly for repairs of equipment, but which can also cover other types of service operations.
  • This are the "Partner" and "Service Card" service contracts. Their major benefit is priority for the scheduling of service activities.
  • "HOUSTON" services that can provide you with assistance by phone for troubleshooting your equipment {Telephone Technical Assistance} or via the internet {Remote Diagnosis}
  • "OPTIMUS" services that can optimize the production capacity of your equipment, each of them with specific benefits and advantages.
ADVANTAGE! Service contracts benefit from preferential rates.

Service Safety Maintenance contracts IV & V CtP Maintenance Contracts Backup for settings and user data

Partner service contracts and Service CARD - Heidelberg Advantages of Partner service contractsService CARD - Heidelberg

Telephone Technical Assistance and REMOTE SERVICEREMOTE SERVICEREMOTE Diagnostic

SERVICE - OPTIMUS: rollers and optimizationROLLERS + (replacement and adjustment)OPTIMISATION of characteristic curvesTechnical inspection

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